Clumsy baby elephant slips & falls back into mud wallow

Baby elephant slips and falls back into mud wallow The video shows the funny moment when a baby elephant loses its footing, falling back flat down into a mud wallow it was trying to get out of. Elephants just love the mud during those hot summer months in Africa. Nothing beats a good cool down session in the mud for any elephant. The purpose of the mud wallowing is to help elephants cool themselves down and getting rid of parasites on their skin at the same time. Many elephants just love to play around in the mud for much longer than the rest of the herd, especially the youngsters. Baby elephants gain all the benefits from the mud, plus it seems like they also get so much joy and pleasure out of playing in the mud. Watching baby elephants play in the mud is always highly entertaining. I was filming a herd of elephants that was busy around a mud wallow when I spotted one baby elephant typically having a blast in the mud. The baby elephant was already covered in mud from head to toe and looked adorable. It looked like the baby elephant eventually decided it was time to go but getting out of the wallow seemed like a very slippery task. It looked like the baby elephant’s feet was swept from under it and then splat, the baby elephant fell back into the wallow flat on its side. That was so funny to watch, and the baby elephant didn’t seem too bothered to be back in the mud. The baby elephant then slowly but surely got itself back up onto its feet. The baby elephant tried again to get out, but it looked like a vehicle spinning in one place before finally finding enough traction to get out of the wallow. It was incredible to see just how entertaining elephants can be when they are in the mud.