CNN Clip Shows Fox News 'Singing... Different Tune' In Trump And Hunter Verdicts

CNN host Abby Phillip showed a supercut comparing Fox News reactions to the guilty verdicts in the trials for Donald Trump and Hunter Biden. (Watch the video below.)

Phillip noted that the right-wing channel’s talking heads “seem to be singing from a completely different tune” after Tuesday’s conviction of the president’s son on gun charges. Then she offered the split-screen footage as an example:

Fox News host Jeanine Pirro decried the eroding faith in the criminal justice system after the Trump conviction and then is shown celebrating Hunter Biden’s conviction as proof that “no one’s above the law.”

Laura Ingraham said the Trump hush money decision made her feel like she’s in a “banana republic” but claimed Hunter Biden’s outcome meant that the family was finally held accountable for its “sleazy, corrupt conduct.”

Jesse Watters went hyperbolic in declaring “the Republic has been wounded” when Trump got nailed on all 34 counts for concealing hush money payments to Stormy Daniels. But Tuesday’s determination that Hunter Biden was guilty of withholding his drug addiction on a gun-purchase form “gave me a little boost of confidence in the American legal system,” Watters said.

The shift in tone caught the attention of the CNN host.

“You can’t claim the justice system is dead because of a single conviction while also praising it for another,” Phillip said. “And you can’t claim President Biden is weaponizing the Justice Department to go after his enemies when that same department just convicted his own son.”