CNN contributor Ana Navarro calls Mike Pence’s remarks on January 6 'beyond pathetic'

On Cuomo Prime Time Tuesday, CNN contributor Ana Navarro didn’t mince words as she slammed former Vice President Mike Pence for comments he made on Hannity a night earlier. Pence claimed that the press is only still reporting on the January 6 insurrection at the Capitol to distract from President Biden’s shortcoming, and to “demean” supporters of former President Trump.

“He’s groveling, he’s humiliating himself, he is showing complete lack of dignity and self respect for nothing,” Navarro said. “Because if he thinks the people who wanted to hang him from [the] gallows…we all heard the chants, hang Mike Pence. If he thinks those people are ever going to believe that he did the right thing in allowing — in legitimizing the election results, he's grossly mistaken. They're never going to forgive and they're never going to forget.”

Navarro believes that Pence is debasing himself for a shot at a political future that’s now a lost cause, and she finds Pence’s debasement less than respectable to say the least.

“It's beyond pathetic. And I’ll tell you, to me, probably what I think is the worst thing, it’s not even the lack of self-respect to himself. If somebody should want to get to the truth of what happened on January 6th, it should be Mike Pence,” Navarro said. “But it's the lack of respect to the Secret Service and to the Capitol Police who saved his skin that day. He was within hundreds of feet of those protesters that wanted to hang him from a noose they had built. And he owes them, he owes them wanting to get to the truth and the bottom of what led to January 6th. So shame on him.”

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