Coachella cellphone thief busted thanks to "Find My iPhone"

Cellphones seized from a robber at Coachella music festival. Photo from Twitter

Hot tip: if you’re going to steal technology, maybe first learn how to use it.

A thief in possession of more than 100 cellphones at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival neglected to do just that, and was apprehended after victims used the “Find My iPhone” app to track down the unsuspecting robber.

New Yorker Reinaldo De Jesus Henao probably thought he’d executed the perfect plan — stealing more than 100 cellphones from unsuspecting partiers at the annual mega-festival in Indio, California.

Unfortunately for him, Henao decided to stick around the festival with all of the loot in a backpack on his person. NBC reports that several tech-savvy individuals with missing phones turned on “Find my iPhone” and followed Henao, eventually tracking him down. He was detained by festival security and later arrested by Indio police. Inmate records show he was released after posting $10,000 bail.

If you’ve always wondered what 100 stolen cellphones looks like, wonder no longer:

Police have been working to get all the phones back to their owners. If you were at Coachella and are currently missing your phone, contact the festival’s lost and found, and thank the universe for luddites like Henao.