Cobra Swallows a Whole Python in Philippines! Terrifying Video of Rare Snake Fight Goes Viral

Team Latestly

If you do not like snakes and these slithering beings absolutely give you the creeps, then you are not going to like this. Don't say we didn't warn you! A shocking encounter between two snakes, a cobra and a python, in the Philippines has been captured on video. The video clip shows a cobra swallowing on a whole python, leaving out only its tail! Is that even possible, many would wonder? But the villagers in the island of Mindanao in southern Phillippines had to encounter this bizarre sight. The cobra was estimated to be about 12-foot-long. The villagers eventually clubbed down the dangerous cobra too. Venomous Snake Eats Another Snake As Wild Wasp Attacks in Florida, Video Goes Viral.

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Cobras and pythons both are dangerous snakes, the former being venomous one. Pythons usually strangulate their prey and eat them whole. A Philippine cobra is known for being highly venomous and it made a prey out of another dangerous snake. This python injured the cobra with just one bite and swallowed it whole! The incident took place on November 13 near a rice field in Davao del Sur near the town of Kibalawan. The villagers were definitely shocked and scared to see this horrific snake fight. But having suffered in the past due to cobra bites, they decided to kill the cobra too. Thailand: Python Snake Strangles a Monkey to Death While More Than 20 Other Monkeys Tried to Save Their Friend (Watch Viral Video).

Watch Horrific Video of Phillippine Cobra Eating a Python (Warning: Graphic Content):

The villagers after killing the cobra happened to rip it open to find a python inside its stomach! Grossed out? One of the villagers was quoted to a report, "There are lots of snakes in our area, but this is the first time we saw a cobra eat a python. We've had people die from cobra bites before so my neighbour killed the snake as soon as he saw it."

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There have been terrifying situations in the past, where pythons have killed animals and humans. A wildlife photographer made headlines with his photos showing a python killing a crocodile in Queensland. Although they are not venomous, they strangle their prey and gobble them whole. But this incidence is rare as the cobra took control and made prey out of a python.