The Cocktail Glass Hack For Beautifully Chilled Drinks

Two champagne flutes with mimosas
Two champagne flutes with mimosas - PavelKant/Shutterstock

When it comes to at-home bartending and cocktail hours, all sorts of drink-making hacks can improve your presentation, efficiency, and more. Aesthetics and quality are important when entertaining at home, so it makes sense to take advantage of as many hacks as possible. Sometimes there are drawbacks, but that doesn't mean the hack isn't worth giving a try to see if it matches your style. Take this cocktail glass hack from Instagram: freeze juice in a glass at an angle, then use the glasses to create gorgeous mimosas that stay cold down to the last drop.

Fortunately, this cocktail glass hack is pretty straightforward. To recreate mimosas similarly, just pour orange juice into stemless wine glasses, then set them in the freezer at an angle, so that the juice freezes at an incline without spilling. Once frozen, add chilled champagne for beautiful mimosas that will remain ice cold.

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What Makes The Hack So Great

Pouring champagne into orange juice
Pouring champagne into orange juice - Richard Podgurski/Shutterstock

The benefits of this chilled cocktail glass hack primarily center around how pretty the two-toned drink looks. The frozen juice makes somewhat of a triangle along one side of the glass, while the golden champagne makes an upside-down triangle on the other side. However, since the juice is frozen, you won't taste much of it until it starts to melt. This could be a good or a bad thing, depending on how you feel about champagne.

To different degrees, this hack can also work with other drinks that involve juice or other mixers. But mimosas are the ideal drink for it since champagne is not as strong as the hard liquors used in most mixed drinks. So while a Sex on the Beach or Bay Breeze will look beautiful when prepared with frozen juice, it won't taste very good until it starts to melt and mix with the vodka.

How To Safely Utilize The Cocktail Glass Hack

Broken glass on white background
Broken glass on white background - Anton Starikov/Shutterstock

There are quite a couple of things that can go wrong with this hack if you're not paying attention. First and foremost, never take freshly washed glasses directly out of the dishwasher and put them in the freezer or add cold liquids. The temperature change from hot to freezing can cause the glass to shatter. And broken glass in your freezer is a hazard you don't want to deal with. Even if the glasses don't shatter right away, going from hot to cold repeatedly can stress the glass, create fractures, and compromise its integrity, making it weaker and easier to break during normal handling too. So make sure that your cocktail and wine glasses have fully cooled before attempting this hack.

The other issue is to pay attention to how you balance the glasses in the freezer. You'll want to do so carefully, using other items to prop them up and ensure that they don't spill or fall over and break. In other words, only attempt this hack if you've got enough room and the right supports in your freezer to ensure that you won't end up with spilled juice or broken glass all over your frozen peas and carrots.

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