Code-cracking contest

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THUNDER BAY — Thunder Bay’s DaVinci Centre is having a little fun online with a contest to boost their website traffic. People are being asked to crack the DaVinci Centre code to win prizes.

Contest developer, Ann Marie Polowski, general manager of the centre, says her phone has lit up with dozens of responses to the social media competition.

“It’s something super simple and fun,” she said, adding that it is lightly based on author Dan Brown’s The DaVinci Code story. “I couldn’t call it the DaVinci Code, so I had to change it to DaVinci Centre Code. . . . It goes hand in hand and is a play on words.”

Polowski and her team chose categories of Italian-themed names, areas or rooms in the DaVinci Centre and Italian-themed objects. The purpose is to choose who, where and what, and connect them in a three-element code.

“I actually had my son help me pick out the answer — or the code — and we wrote it down and stored it away,” she said. “We are giving people an opportunity to take a guess at the combination of the three different components that equal the code to be cracked.”

Prizes will be awarded during this Sunday’s drive-up spaghetti supper. Prizes consist of signature foods that are prepared by the DaVinci Centre and will include, spaghetti and meatball dinners, a container of meatballs or tomato sauce, and gnocchi.

“We are so blessed to have people come out on Sundays to support us, and this is a way that we could give back to the community,” she said.

The DaVinci Centre maintained a Sunday drive-up dinner through the pandemic closures and says they could only offer food.

“We found many different (safe) ways to offer food and we created the largest drive up in the city,” Polowski laughed.

The contest wraps up Italian Heritage month that took place throughout the month of June.

Sandi Krasowski, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Chronicle-Journal

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