Colin Hanks doesn't recognize a single Tom Hanks movie quote during 'WWHL' game

Childhood friends Colin Hanks and Kate Hudson visited Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen. They played a game called "Sashay, Who Say?" in which a drag queen read quotes from famous films.

In the game, Hanks and Hudson were tasked with determining which of their famous parents, Tom Hanks or Goldie Hawn, said the movie quote.

While Hudson was very enthusiastic and fairly familiar with her mom's filmography, Hanks was not. In fact, he didn't recognize a single quote that was read from his father's films.

After miss a few quotes, host Andy Cohen said, "Um, Colin Hanks has never seen a Tom Hanks movie."

In Colin's defense, he probably didn't come on the show to talk about his ultra famous dad. And the quotes were a little obscure, like "How about some coffee, drinks, dinner, and a movie for as long as we both shall live?" Which is from You've Got Mail.

Hanks admitted, "I'm gonna be quite honest. It is so nice to really not have any idea. I'm gonna be honest, and I've seen a lot of his movies, okay. Not all of them, some of them."