'The collecting bug is just in our blood': New Regina antique market aims to offer vintage finds, education

Ada Bennett developed her love for antiques as a young girl. She recalls sitting in the office of her grandfather, a professional photographer.

"I used to sit in his office and he had a lot of vintage office things, and so vintage office things just appealed to me so much," said Bennett, who also recalls her grandmother was a seamstress.

Bennett has now turned that passion for vintage into a business with YQR Vintique Market, the new antique market she's opened in Regina's Warehouse District.

She said she's assembled a team of eight vendors who will sell their goods at the market, offering a wide selection of items for shoppers.  

"We wanted someplace that would have an upscale feel, but also have a community of vendors behind it," she said. 

"One might concentrate on just china, one might be into agriculture, or country antiques, tin toys," she said, while another vendor might offer items "totally suited … for the 'man cave.'"

Samanda Brace/CBC

Bennett said that each Vintique vendor has their own space, which she says makes them like individual stores, but under the same roof.

"They're their own business, their own entity." 

More than just antiques 

In an effort to promote upcycling, recycling and reusing, Bennett said some of the vendors at the market, which had its official opening on Jan. 3, will offer classes, including the owner of Niki's Farm House.

"She'll be teaching classes. probably on Thursday … [on] how to paint antique furniture, restore it — that kind of thing," Bennett said.


"Pieces that would have just become … aged or decayed — she's actually saving them."

Bennett said this market is a way to share a passion of her with others — and to reduce the size of her own collection.

"I kind of got a little harsh with myself and said, 'You're over-collecting. You've got to try and sell some of that off,'" Bennett told CBC.

Samanda Brace/CBC

"Sometimes it's difficult — we go out shopping and we find things that we like for our own personal collection," she said.

"We probably collect based on memories that we have of our own childhood.… So you know, the collecting bug is just in our blood."

The market, located at 1279 Osler St., is open Tuesdays to Saturdays, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.