College Podcast: Cutting Sports Programs, Mike Leach, & Public Distancing Shaming

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Dan Wetzel, Pete Thamel and SI’s Pat Forde return to hopefully brighten your day with yet another edition of the Yahoo Sports College Podcast. 

As is tradition at this point, the trio begins the pod with the latest rumblings from administrators regarding COVID-19 and football in the fall. Is the potential of an MLB season a sign of hope? Would students even be up for playing this soon? And how soon could we see Olympic sports beginning to take the fall to save revenue sports like football and basketball? (2:33)

Rain, sleet or international pandemic be damned, Mississippi State head coach Mike Leach is going to make headlines… and sometimes for all the wrong reasons. Did State and Leach do enough following his controversial tweet involving a noose? (25:15)

The college basketball world took in HBO’s The Scheme documentary this past week and one former head coach finally spoke out. What did this former NCAA tournament coach have to say about Bill Self, Will Wade and will more head coaches follow suit? (33:03)

SAN DIEGO, CA - DECEMBER 27, 2017: Mike Leach looks on during the National Funding Holiday Bowl game between Minnesota and Washington State. The now Mississippi State head coach took down a tweet last week that he and the university later apologized for that involved a noose joke.

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