College student calls out mom over her ‘selfish’ move-in day request: ‘She needed to hear that’

A teenager feels like she is the black sheep of the family because of her mother’s husband.

She shared what happened on Reddit’s “Relationship Advice” forum. The teen recently headed off to college. She moved into the dorm with her father’s help. The issue is that now her mom feels excluded from the student’s life.

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“I lived with my mom (42f) and her husband Ryan (48m) halfway through highschool because my siblings Amy (10f) and Liam (7m) wanted me around,” she explained. “I hated living in the same house as Ryan because he and his family weren’t shy about the fact that they don’t really like me.”

Ryan’s family made a point to keep her out of family events and photos. After her half-siblings Amy and Liam were born, the exclusion only ramped up.

“The real last straw was when Ryan’s sister got my mom a Mother’s Day gift a few years ago,” she wrote. “It was a locket with a picture of my brother and sister in it, and she said it was so my mom could always have her two children close to her heart. My mom didn’t say anything about me, she didn’t even glance my direction. So I stopped trying and just accepted that I’d never be a real part of her new family because I just wasn’t wanted there.”

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Because of this, the Reddit poster decided to move into her college dorm with her father’s help instead of her mother’s.

“My mom thought that I was just spending the weekend with my dad, so when I ended up telling her that I wasn’t going to be coming back during the week bc I’d moved in already, she got really upset,” the Reddit poster explained.

“She said it was hurtful that I would exclude her from this huge moment in my life, and that as my mom it’s her job to be there for this journey and be there for me. I told her that she’d been letting her husband exclude me from her life since the day they started dating, and because that never seemed to bother her, I didn’t think it would be a big deal for me to do it too.”

Redditors felt the teenager’s choice was justified.

“Your mother is just being selfish and looking for sympathy while she has not had your back most of your childhood,” a person wrote.

“She needed to hear that,” another said.

“Pity she didn’t get the memo years ago about being there for her child,” someone added.

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