Collier | Pupatello best bet for Windsor

CBC Windsor's municipal affairs columnist, Cheryl Collier, says Sandra Pupatello is the best potential premier for the city.

Collier thinks Windsor may not realize just how much influence a cabinet minister or premier from Windsor has at Queen’s Park.

“I think Windsorites have maybe [become] used to some of the attention we’ve [received] from Queen’s Park,” Collier said. “They’ve had a lot of say inside of cabinet.”

Collier said that Pupatello, who, as Windsor West MPP was also a minister, and Minister of Finance Dwight Duncan have been partially responsible for several boosts to the regions, including:

A Family health team.

University and college development and expansion.


Windsor-Essex Parkway.

Green energy program.

“We’ve had a lot more thrown our way and a lot more voice at the cabinet table,” Collier said. “If you don’t have that, you run the risk of being forgotten.”

Cheryl Collier is a professor of political science at the University of Windsor. She can be be heard on the Early Shift with Tony Doucette at 8:14 a.m. on Mondays. Tune in to 97.5 FM or listen live online

To hear Monday's piece, click on the audio box above.

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