Colorado Buffaloes ticket prices tumble after loss to Oregon

The Colorado Buffaloes became the hottest ticket in college football after three straight wins to open the season. Thanks to coach Deion Sanders and his "Prime Effect", Colorado has a star-studded crowd on the sidelines before and after games.

But after the first loss of the season, how has the resale market changed?

Colorado coach Deon Sanders talks to line judge Bret Bascule in the second quarter of his team's against TCU at Amon G. Carter Stadium.
Colorado coach Deon Sanders talks to line judge Bret Bascule in the second quarter of his team's against TCU at Amon G. Carter Stadium.

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How much are Colorado Buffaloes tickets?

Prior to Week 4's 42-6 defeat to the Oregon Ducks, Colorado boasted the highest price for the cheapest ticket on the re-sale market in college football. Data from ticket marketplace Vivid Seats showed the average cost of the cheapest seat in any of the Buffaloes' remaining games was $174.

After that loss to the Ducks, the re-sale market for Buffaloes tickets dropped significantly. As of Sept. 28, here's how the prices have changed:

  • The average price for the cheapest seat in remaining Buffaloes games is $118. That's a 32% drop in just a week.

  • Saturday's game against USC saw one of the biggest price drops. A week ago, the cheapest ticket on the resale market started at $392. This week, it's $169, a 56% decrease in price.

  • Home tickets are down to $165 per game for the cheapest seats, according to Vivid Seats data.

Will Colorado ticket prices change?

The change after the Oregon loss shows how much prices can fluctuate. Colorado is a 21-point underdog to USC this weekend. A shock win could see another big jump in price; a big loss could see another drop.

Colorado goes on the road to take on Arizona State on Oct. 7 and then plays Stanford at Folsom Field Oct. 14. Both games are winnable and a couple of victories could see the average cheapest price rise as a result.

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Who has the most expensive college football tickets?

Now that Colorado's out of the top spot, more of the big names in college football have the most expensive tickets.

The cheapest tickets for Notre Dame's remaining games average $135 each. Ohio State comes in a little higher at $138 each for the cheapest tickets. That's buoyed by the season finale at Michigan where the lowest re-sale ticket prices are $467, per Vivid Seats.

Even with the drop in price for Saturday's game, USC comes in with the highest average price at $142. The Oct. 14 matchup on the road against Notre Dame boasts the highest price at $378 for the cheapest seat.

This article originally appeared on USA TODAY: Coach Prime's Colorado no longer the hottest ticket in college football