Colorado Wildlife Officers Warn of Feeding Wild Turkeys as Bird Follows and Pecks Car

A Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) officer recorded a teachable moment in human-wild turkey relations on October 23, as an aggressive wild turkey pecked his vehicle and followed him on a highway.

The officer was clearing debris from the Cameron Peak Fire off Highway 14 in Rustic when the bird approached.

According to the CPW, the wild turkey came out of the trees and strode up to the officer, who initially thought it was “a bird in distress.” The turkey was found in “really good body condition,” but authorities said it then became clear that it was a “domesticated bird being fed by people.”

Officers warned of the dangers of feeding wild turkeys.

“What can happen when you feed wildlife is the animals can become demanding. The next person to come across this turkey could be met with aggression and injured by it if it is expecting you to feed it,” CPW NE Region said.

The video shows the turkey pecking the officer’s car and following the vehicle as it drives along. Credit: Colorado Parks and Wildlife NE Region via Storyful