'Come Dine With Me' contestant stuns viewers by deep-frying a lasagne

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Come Dine With Me Glasgow (Channel 4)
Darren Dowling on 'Come Dine With Me' in Glasgow. (Channel 4)

Come Dine With Me viewers were shocked as a contestant served up a deep fried lasagne.

Darren ‘Dazza’ Dowling from Scotland was tasked with creating a full three-course menu on the Channel 4 show and opted to deep fry everything – even a lettuce.

His less than healthy meal started with a deep-fried chicken and caviar dish, before he whipped up the fried pasta and lettuce. A deep fried chocolate bar with a dollop of ice-cream was the last of the batter fan’s calorific creations.

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The guests weren’t exactly won over, with one declaring that Dowling's fare was “disgusting”. Another appeared to be trying not to be sick.

Come Dine With Me Glasgow (Channel 4)
Darren Dowling deep fried his entire meal. (Channel 4)

Viewers couldn’t believe what they were seeing either.

“Someone please tell me they are also seeing Come Dine With Me right now and I didn't just hallucinate deep-fried lasagne,” said one baffled fan on Twitter.

“I can’t believe my eyes watching this episode of come dine with me and he’s deep fried every course,” said another.

However, plenty of people were impressed by Dowling, who is known for online show Does It Fry?

Come Dine With Me Glasgow (Channel 4)
Some of the guests struggled with the deep-fried delicacies. (Channel 4)

“If my chippy put deep fried lasagne on the menu, I’d 100% get it,” claimed one person on Twitter.

“The boy Darren on Come Dine With Me this week is an absolute hero,” said another.

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“Deep fried everything, even a lettuce. Scotland at its finest.”

Come Dine With Me Glasgow (Channel 4)
Viewers were shocked. (Channel 4)

“Watching Darren on Come Dine With Me deep fry a whole lasagne," said another.

"Epic. Well done to you sir."

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