Comedian Andrew Packer makes debut performance in Strathmore

Canadian comedian, Andrew Packer made his debut performance in Strathmore, Nov. 11, at Mike’s Bar and Grill, as part of his ongoing On Guard tour.

Packer is currently touring Canada with fellow comedian Marc Anthony Sinagoga as a co-headliner, as opposed to one act “opening” for another.

“We love Alberta; we have toured in Alberta more than any province and so we love going to every single town that has a solid venue that will have us out in the community,” said Packer. “We got chatting with Mike, and he just seemed really gung-ho for the whole event, so having a venue like that in your town makes us think, ‘let’s do it.’”

Packer explained he has been doing stand-up comedy for nine years, with the idea to do so being nurtured as a youth while watching Just for Laughs and listening to comedy albums.

Following the start of his career, falling in love with stand-up after participating in an open mic night, Packer started a life in Toronto to pursue the career path.

“I just got married, so I do a lotta stuff about marriage right now, I talk about my relationship, and all those fun challenges that come with learning to live together and all that fun stuff. I do a lot of observational humour and I really enjoy doing a lot of crowd work as well,” he said. “The thrill of growing and changing and stretching yourself and connecting with all these sorts of different people and different places – I get a feel for the country that you wouldn’t get in most jobs because I get to go to places that most people would not go to as a tourist destination.”

Packer added one of his favourite things about comedy is being able to talk about uncomfortable or painful topics and flip them into joyful moments to share with audiences.

“I think it is the thrill, I mean, it is just, you go up there and you do not know how it is going to go anytime. It is obviously a double-edged sword, because you would like for every show to be the most amazing show, but the reality of it is, it is challenging and that keeps it exciting,” he said. “The thrill of coming up with a new idea and then connecting with the audience is unlike any experience that I have had in life and it is hard to compare to anything. It is such a euphoric experience.”

Packer recently released his debut comedy special, “On Guard,” being a double entendre, about a joke about lifeguards and tipping his hat to Canada. Links to watch the special are available on his social media platforms.

John Watson, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Strathmore Times