Comedy of errors: Vaunted Russian Air Force bombs Belgorod Oblast and occupied areas 75 times in 3 months


The Russian Air Force has embarrassingly bombed its own people in Belgorod Oblast, as well as Ukrainian territories it occupies, at least 75 times over the past three months, Astra reported.

The Russian Armed Forces "accidentally dropped" 75 aerial bombs on Belgorod Oblast and the occupied territories over the past three months.

The UMPB D-30SN "smart" bomb, which did not reach Kharkiv was among them, Astra reported earlier.

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Russia dropped another two aerial bombs on Belgorod Oblast on May 29.

A high-explosive aviation bomb was found 1.5 kilometers from the village of Nechaevska, near the site where another was found after "freelance drops" by the Russian Air Force on May 29, Astra said.

Another high explosive aviation bomb was found approximately two kilometers from the village of Vergylivka.

"Freelance drops" of Russian bombs on Belgorod Oblast

Russian warplanes "lost" two FAB-250 aerial bombs (high explosive aviation bombs) in Belgorod Oblast at the end of January.

The Russians claimed that while the bombs dropped, they did not explode and were neutralized.

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The enemy "lost" another FAB-250 aerial bomb over the village of Soloti, Belgorod Oblast, on February 18.

The booster block of a Russian rocket fell in the city of Stroitel, Belgorod Oblast on March 17. One person was injured, it was reported at the time.

"Lost" Russian FAB-50 and FAB-250 aerial bombs were "found" on the outskirts of two villages in Belgorod Oblast on March 26.

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