'It's a Comedy Show, You Moron': Jerry Seinfeld Takes On Pro-Palestinian Heckler at Sydney Show

Comedian Jerry Seinfeld took on a pro-Palestinian heckler who interrupted his show in Sydney on Sunday, June 16.

“We have a genius, ladies and gentlemen. He’s solved the Middle East,” Seinfeld can be heard saying in a sarcastic tone in footage from Robert Gregory of the Australian Jewish Association.

In Gregory’s video, the protester is heard chanting “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free.” He is then escorted out as Seinfeld continues to ridicule him, saying, “It’s a comedy show, you moron.” Credit: Australian Jewish Association/Robert Gregory via Storyful

Video Transcript

Yes, we have a genius.

Ladies and gentlemen.

He saw, please.

Yeah, it's the Jewish community.

That's what we have to get.

They're the ones doing everything.

They're going to start you in about three seconds.

So I will try and get all of your, so we can all learn from you.

I can here by the way, if this guy actually did solve the stupid.


So you, you're really influencing everyone here.

We're all, we're all on your side.


You made your point so well.

And in the right venue, you come to the right place tomorrow, we will read in the paper, Middle East 100%.

So thanks to man at the Kudos Arena stopping J comedian, they stopped him and everyone in the Middle East went, oh my God.

Let's just get along.

We can't do that because I know there are problems here with indigenous Aboriginal people and the white.

They have problems here.

So maybe to solve that, I will screw up Tim Jeffries in a show in New York.

If this works, that will work, you have to go 20,000 miles from the problem and screw up a comedian that is how you solve world issues.

All right.