When it comes to energy drinks, Ed Orgeron can't drink just one

How many energy drinks does Coach O drink before a game? (Getty)

LSU coach Ed Orgeron really likes energy drinks.

Orgeron was on ESPN Radio’s “The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz” on Wednesday and Le Batard asked him how many energy drinks Orgeron typically drinks in a day.

“When I’m drinking them I may go 8-10,” Orgeron said.

The reaction by everyone on the show was about what you would expect.

“Yeah look, if we’re going to do something here at LSU, we’re going to do it full speed,” Orgeron said about his consumption.

Per the Advocate, Orgeron currently isn’t drinking any energy drinks however. That’s probably why he added the caveat of when he’s drinking them.

Outside linebackers coach Dennis Johnson won a spring weight-loss competition with Orgeron.

Johnson, whom most on the team know as “Meatball,” lost 30 pounds to Orgeron’s 25, the head coach said Friday. Orgeron gave up chocolate, Diet Coke and energy drinks for Lent. He’s extending the diet, too.

While many on social media were shocked about how much energy drinks Orgeron can put away — and the potential health implications from the mass consumption — Fox Sports’ Bruce Feldman said he’d seen Orgeron pound energy drinks in person.

Given how well-documented West Virginia coach Dana Holgorsen’s Red Bull habit is, we need to get a roundtable set up with Orgeron, Holgorsen and any other coaches who may be interested about the appeal and power of energy drinks. It’d be some riveting discussion.

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