Comfortable seating might mean uncomfortable price hike at Devonshire cinema

More comfortable seating at the Devonshire Mall cinema could come with an uncomfortable price hike.

Cineplex is replacing all of its old theatre chairs with reclining seats, the company announced this week, giving customers more room stretch out with their popcorn.

The project is a significant financial commitment for the region, which has plenty of movie-goers, explained Vincent Georgie, executive director for the Windsor International Film Festival.

"It shows that they're investing," Georgie said. "Windsor is the second biggest film-consuming market in Ontario — outside of Toronto."

A spokesperson for Cineplex said the company hasn't decided yet whether prices will change. Some regions that received the new seats have seen prices stay the same, while others have seen a price bump of up to $2.

For his money, Georgie expects a price hike.

"Do I think they'll start with a price increase? Probably not, but they might introduce one slowly after we get used to it."

The new seats, which will be installed in all 12 theatres, will reduce capacity to just more than half, but the company does not anticipate a problem with having fewer tickets for popular releases.