Coming soon: Socks that don't smell, even after 6 days of wear

Socks you don’t have to wash for six days could soon be on their way. (Photo: Getty Images)

Last month, we revealed why you should never wear shoes without socks (hello, fungal infections). Now, in other exciting foot news, you will soon be able to buy socks you can wear for six days straight without having to wash them.

The genius socks are the work of some clever scientists in China who have designed a sock infused with silver, copper, and zinc — all metals that are said to neutralize the smell of even the stinkiest of feet.

“This combination of metals provides greater antibacterial protection than any single metal alone,” MP Glovax, the maker of the socks, reveals on its Indigogo page.

So long, stinky feet. [Photo: MP Magic Socks]

According to the MP Magic socks creators, feet smell when bacteria breaks down sweat as it comes from the pores. A pungent smell is released as the sweat decomposes. But the silver, copper, and zinc within the stink-free socks kill bacteria, thus preventing the feet from generating odor. Genius!

If you’re currently thinking, “Great, but metal socks don’t exactly sound the snuggliest.” Well, the socks have been tested by a whole host of reviewers, all declaring them to be super-comfy and super-stink-free.

The socks are currently available only in grey and black, but MP Glovax is planning to launch a more colorful range soon.

According to the Daily Mailthe socks could be on shelves next year, with a pair expected to sell for about $6.

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