Commander of the Ukrainian Ground Forces defends draft offices, criticizes draft dodgers

Oleksandr Pavliuk
Oleksandr Pavliuk

Citizens and the media focus on the "illegal actions" of draft offices, deliberately protecting draft evaders, Commander of Ukrainian Ground Forces Oleksandr Pavliuk wrote on Facebook on March 24.

Over the two years of war in Ukraine, the attitude towards military personnel at territorial recruitment centers has deteriorated dramatically, with most of them being recognized as unfit to serve in combat units.

"Today, draft office employees and their security companies are mostly staffed by servicemen who lost their health on the frontline and were recognized as unfit to serve in combat units," Pavliuk said.

"How did it get to the point where it became acceptable to treat these people who went through hell as enemies and call them "manhunters"?"

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He noted that there are many publications in the Internet of men being "forced into vans" that is taken out of context and does not contain information about the reason for such actions. Ukrainians often condemn draft office workers, but do not take into account "illegality of the men's refusal to fulfill their constitutional duty" to defend Ukraine, Pavliuk said.

The commander assured that the conscription system is changing, but Ukrainians must be united to win. And the "outrageous" stories about alleged violations of the rights of "poor evaders" only help the aggressor country, which can defeat Ukraine "without a fight," he said.

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Recently, a new scandal has erupted in Ukraine related to the actions of the draft office. In Lviv, on March 16, they detained a local volunteer, Kyrylo Taran. He was forcingly pushed into a minibus, the video was published by the volunteer's wife.

Ukrainian Ombudsman, Dmytro Lubinets, was outraged by the new fact of the harsh detention of a person liable for military service, and the Operational Command West reported that a criminal case had been opened against Taran for evading mobilization.

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On March 20, a video of an alleged beating of a civilian by the draft office workers in Sumy Oblast was posted online.

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