'Committed to the people': Tammy Cook-Searson re-elected chief of Lac La Ronge Indian Band

Tammy Cook-Searson will continue to serve as chief of the Lac La Ronge Indian Band after being re-elected Friday.

"I'm committed to the people and I'm committed to work for them," Cook-Searson told CBC News following the election. 

Cook-Searson first won a spot on council in 1997 and has served as the band's chief since 2005.

The chief was the face of the band when people were evacuated by wildfires. She also received national attention as she pleaded for help to curb youth suicides.

As part of her campaign for re-election, Cook-Searsons said she visited people in all six of the communities that make up the Lac La Ronge Indian Band.

"It's always just a real honour to go out and visit people and talk to them."

As she knocked on doors and sat down at kitchen tables, Cook-Searson said she heard that people want council to continue their work on getting the area more support for mental health and addiction issues.

Cook-Searson and the council have been working toward a wellness health centre.

"We feel that this will help us with mental health and addictions issues we have within our communities — not only our communities, but other communities that are also wanting to do some work in mental health and addictions."

Another focus of council has been establishing an education authority that Cook-Searson said could help bring funding levels for schools in the communities to parity with other nearby communities.

Cook-Searson noted that the election saw 500 more voters than the last election. She explained polling stations in new locations like Saskatoon and Prince Albert allowed more members to cast a vote.

La La Ronge Indian Band 2017 election results


- Tammy Cook-Searson


- electoral section one: Little Red River Reserve — Keith Mirasty (re-elected), Tracey L. Halkett electoral

- electoral section two: Grandmother's Bay Reserve — Gerald Robin McKenzie

- electoral section three: Morin Lake Reserve — Norman Paul Ross

- electoral section four: Nemeiben River Reserve — Kenny Ratt

- electoral section five: Stanley Reserve — Larry C. Charles, Linda A. Charles (re-elected), John Patrick Roberts (re-elected)

- electoral section six: Lac La Ronge & Kitsaki Reserves — Michael J. Bird, Anna R. Ratt (re-elected), Sam H. Roberts (re-elected), Dennis B. Sanderson