Community 'devastated' after nor'easter takes down East Hants sports dome

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Community 'devastated' after nor'easter takes down East Hants sports dome

Community 'devastated' after nor'easter takes down East Hants sports dome

A popular sports facility in Hants County, N.S., is out of commission after taking a devastating hit from Mother Nature.

The sports dome at the East Hants Sportsplex in Lantz was ripped open by Tuesday's high winds and has crumpled to the ground.

"The combination of the pressure inside, with the gust of wind, just tore the fabric wide open," said Scott Forward, the general manager of the East Hants Sportsplex.

The pressurized dome was built five years ago and is used by many sports organizations, and seniors who use its walking track that surrounds the artificial turf surface.

The company that built the dome is from Ontario and officials will arrive in Nova Scotia this weekend to survey the damage and determine what can be done.

The roof ripped in more than one spot and is now flat on the ground. Workers are shovelling off the snow and ice that's on it.

Lights, doors and many other pieces of equipment will need to be replaced. The turf and track are expected to be salvageable.

Some March break activities scheduled for the dome this week had to be cancelled.

Sports teams making other arrangements

In the meantime, local sports teams, some far as far away as Halifax, are making other arrangements.

"To be honest, we are quite devastated," said James Boone, the vice-president of the East Hants Soccer Club, which had 600 kids registered last year.

"For our soccer club, we use that facility heavily, not only for our programs for the kids, but also there are co-ed adult leagues that play there, so it really is devastating for all of us."

Forward said a lot of people in the community have contacted the East Hants Sportsplex with offers to help.

"Unfortunately, right now at this point, we don't have any information yet that could facilitate any help, but it is nice to see," said Forward.