Community Fosters Animals After Shelter Appeals for Help During Arkansas Flooding

Community members in Arkadelphia, Arkansas, came together on July 16 to take in animals from a local shelter hit by flash flooding, the shelter said.

The Humane Society of Clark County earlier took to social media to ask for help fostering animals after one dog drowned and died during the storm.

Local media reported that several inches of water seeped into the shelter and “dogs outside the building were treading water.”

The National Weather Service issued a flash-flood watch for southern Arkansas after heavy rainfall soaked the region.

The shelter later said that the community came to its “rescue” and “all 72 dogs” were in foster homes as the shelter worked to clean up from the flood.

This video shows dogs and cats in the shelter and objects strewn across wet and muddy floors. The footage also shows people helping the shelter to push water out of the building. Credit: Kaila Lafferty/KATV via Storyful