Community Living art show puts a unique lens on COVID-19

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The Fort St. John Association for Community Living opened its first art show at Peace Gallery North today.

Titled My Pandemic, the exhibit features a variety of sculptures and painting depicting life through the COVID-19 pandemic.

ACL Executive Director Joseph Lang says the show is part of a larger body of work, a year-long art project with artists putting a show on display every three months through its Art Of Inclusion program.

“They’re excited to be able to participate in this. During COVID we took a lot of precautions to make sure everyone was safe and gave them an outlet to express their experience with the pandemic,” said Lang of the participating artists.

“The theme for this one is around their personal experience with COVID, with isolation, and how it impacted them over the pandemic.”

Individual creations and group projects come together to create the entire installation, the highlight being a set of hanging snow globes containing unique worlds important to each artist.

“The globes represent them and their world, participating in their activities. It’s symbolic of them being in isolation from rest of the world,” said Lang.

"Art is a way for them to demonstrate their talents and put themselves out there. When they get that recognition of someone liking their art, it creates connections and reduces their isolation."

The exhibit will be up until Aug. 15.

Tom Summer, Local Journalism Initiative, Alaska Highway News

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