Community steps up for Beatton River clean-up

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Concerned citizens are answering the call for volunteers to pitch in and help clean up the environmental carnage and refuse being dumped along the Beatton River north of Fort St. John.

Becky Grimsrud, a long-time resident and former city councillor, is organizing a work bee May 4, inviting anyone with the means and ability to come out that day and lend a hand.

“It’s amazing to see the community stepping up for the effort. The giving nature of residents is of the reasons I love this region so much,” says Grimsrud.

Animal carcasses, scorched vehicles, shotgun shells and other assorted garbage have all been recently left along the river, an unofficial but popular rec site for local families. Conservation officers said this week they don't have the capacity to clean it up, and put out an informal call for volunteers.

Grimsrud pitched the idea for a community clean-up to members of Hike Fort St. John, a local hiking group on social media whose members often frequent the nearby Cactus Trails. She added other individuals and local companies have also offered to come out and help, particularly with clearing out the larger items.

Grimsrud says the work bee will likely be broken into two parts, with companies lending their equipment to move the large pieces, such as the remnants of a burned-out RV, while volunteers pick the remaining garbage by hand.

Anyone looking to get involved can find more details on the Hike Fort St. John page on Facebook.

Tom Summer, Local Journalism Initiative, Alaska Highway News

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