Conan reignites Magic Johnson-Larry Bird rivalry in hilarious game of horse

Conan O'Brien and Magic Johnson were giving us a dose of nostalgia on Conan Tuesday night when the two got together for a game of horse.

However, before the two commenced, Conan attempted to get into Magic's head by stating that he thought he almost looks like Magic's former Boston Celtics rival, Larry Bird. "I grew up in Boston. I grew up during that era, young man. That's when I'm in high school. That's when I'm in college, watching you guys play and I was always rooting for Bird," Conan told Magic. "I rooted for him because he was the palest, sickest man. And he was playing in the NBA."

Once Conan and Magic were done horsing around, it became pretty clear that Conan just couldn't measure up to the former Los Angeles Laker. And since the late night host struggled to find his inner Bird, he decided to try another tactic. A Larry Bird mask. With the paper mask complete with cut out eye holes on, Conan got all up in Magic's face, asking, "Does this bring back any memories?" He then set the stage, saying, "You're in Boston. It's Boston Garden. It's Boston Garden. I'm coming for you." But the pressure wasn't getting to Magic. In fact, the former basketball star just broke out into laughter before he decided that he, too, needed to try on a Larry Bird mask.

"Man, this is the first time I'm wearing a white face here," said Magic. "I got Larry bird's face on as a black man. Wow."