Concerns raised about Britton’s dark roads

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NORTH PERTH – At the Nov. 1 council meeting, Coun. Terry Seiler raised a concern about visibility on the roads in Britton.

“It’s very dark,” he said. “There is no lighting in Britton at all and as I made my turn a guy was walking across (the road). I just caught it at the last minute so I think there is a bit of an issue out there with the lighting.”

He noted that the main road through the hamlet is Perth County Road 147 so he wasn’t sure how council should proceed.

“We’ve had similar requests in the past on roads that weren’t under our authority,” said Manager of Operations Lyndon Kowch. “I can certainly talk to the county about the location because it impacts both our crossroad and their road… I’ll give them a call and talk to them about the details of how we are sharing the road and the lighting.”

Clerk Pat Berfelz recommended council formally give direction to staff to collaborate with the county to improve lighting at the primary intersection in Britton.

“That would be a good start,” said Seiler. “If you even want to – I don’t know if there is a warrant for a pedestrian crosswalk there – I know there’s a lot of kids crossing the road there so I would understand. I think it needs to be addressed.”

The motion passed eight to one with Coun. Dave Johnston voting against the motion.

Colin Burrowes, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Listowel Banner

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