Congressman’s barking dog interrupts CNN interview

New Jersey representative Josh Gottenheim, along with Rep. Tom Reed appeared on CNN Newsroom with Ana Cabrera, guest-hosted by Dana Bash, when his puppy Rosie demanded attention somewhere off camera. Gottenheimer was touting all the positives of President Trump finally signing the COVID-19 relief bill which he called a disgrace last week, when Gottenheimer’s puppy began to bark incessantly.

Reed smiled as Gottenheimer powered through the barking, but when it was his turn to speak again, Reed quipped, “Well, first you gotta recognize Rosie’s excited. That’s Josh’s dog in the background, so we applaud Rosie’s excitement too.”

Bash ended the interview by telling Gottenheimer to give Rosie a pat on the head.

“I will,” Gottenheimer said. “She’s very excited that the bill was signed into law.”

This is becoming an increasingly common thing to have happen. In a recent interview, also on CNN, Florida representative Donna Shalala had to get up and walk off screen to get her barking dog. Shalala sat back down for the interview while holding her dog named Fauci.