Connect Youth is putting the lie to the adage that “there is no free lunch” by delivering free nutritional meals to families in Leeds and Grenville.

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Connect Youth is putting the lie to the adage that “there is no free lunch” by delivering nutritional meals for free to families in Leeds and Grenville.

The free food-box program is an initiative by Connect Youth in partnership with South Grenville Food Bank. It provides lunch kits to families with youths in Grade 7 to 12.

“The kits are delivered to homes throughout Leeds and Grenville and assist families who may be struggling with finances, transportation or have other barriers relating to food security,” said Robyn Holmes, interim executive director for Connect Youth.

The food-box program provides families with nutritional food that can be used to prepare healthy meals at home.

In response to the challenges of food insecurity and COVID impacts on jobs and housing, Connect Youth hatched the program for food delivery to the door.

“The food box program is an initiative of our Core program,” said Holmes. The Core program supports youths aged 12 and up, and offers a variety of drop-in services, including food, she said.

Since it started, Connect Youth staff has delivered 116 food boxes to families in Leeds and Grenville.

“All food groups are included in the food boxes,” said Holmes, adding that one of the recent kits included chicken, eggs, bagels, peanut butter, bread, milk, grapes and other healthy foods.

The food deliveries started in May and will run through the summer. Holmes said they always are looking to expand their program through additional partnerships. She said she would love to see it continue year-round, as Connect Youth recognizes an ongoing need.

Families with youths can sign up by Aug. 2 at 4 p.m. to receive their August lunch kits delivery by the following Thursday. Connect Youth staff deliver the food boxes every first and third Thursday of the month.

Jessica Munro, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Brockville Recorder and Times

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