Connery, Currie acclaimed as new mayors for Francis, Sedley

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Kim Connery had already delivered on one plan even before officially assuming office as Francis mayor, as she recently became a mother.

While she shares a similar personal path with Regina-University MLA Aleana Young, who delivered her baby while final votes were still being counted in the recent provincial election, Connery didn’t need to campaign for her post as she was acclaimed to succeed Ron Roteliuk, who stepped away from council after one term as mayor.

“With COVID, and having a newborn at home, I never wanted to put my baby, myself or anyone else at risk. So, I put my name in, hoping the work I have done for our local fire department and around the community over the past would show the residents I’m dedicated to the community,” said Connery.

Connery, an 11-year resident of Francis, was first elected to council in 2016. She isn’t the only one in her family with that honour either, as her sister, Shannon Senger, also served a term as councillor.

Managing future growth is one of those issues. The town’s now-completed lagoon expansion project means the town can look towards more development and subdivisions.

The incoming mayor doesn’t have to go too far to meet at least one of her new council colleagues either, as her husband Devon Connery was also acclaimed as a councillor.

“I’ll be working hand in hand with councillors in running the community, and truly listen to the ratepayers and their needs,” Connery said. “In order to succeed, we will need to work as a team and I would love to see more community involvement.”

The village of Sedley also has a new mayor, with Alan Currie being acclaimed. He succeeds Bryan Leier, who opted not to run again after over a decade as mayor.

Currie did not make himself available for an interview, however Leier was happy to reflect on his term, noting he felt it was time for a new face at the council table.

“I’ve been on council for 32 years,” Leier said. “It’s time for new blood, fresh ideas and thoughts and vigour and energy.”

Of those three decades, Leier was most proud of council’s work in implementing strategic plans and governance “which guided us through a lot of important decisions.”

“We were able to accomplish goals and that we had all of the tools in our tool belt to move the village forward,” Leier said. “Over my 30 years, we have seen nothing but growth in the village. We have never gone back in population. We always grew and we had a lot of good strategies around keeping that going. It’s been great working with a lot of great people over the years.”

Keith Borkowsky, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Quad Town Forum