Connie Chung is 'so embarrassed' by her Cabbage Patch Kids interview in clip from new toy doc

The documentary, 'Billion Dollar Babies,' explores the unbelievable true story about the dolls that ignited the modern-day Black Friday craze.

Of all the fads from the '80s, acclaimed journalist Connie Chung has surprising regrets around one in particular: Cabbage Patch Kids.

At the time, Chung did a nearly unprecedented five-minute segment on the Today show about the popular dolls, which in a clip from upcoming documentary Billion Dollar Babies: The True Story of the Cabbage Patch Kids, Chung admits she is now "so embarrassed" by.

In the exclusive clip, above, Chung explains that every minute was precious on the long-running morning show. "Even though it was a two-hour program, each interview would on average be three minutes, maybe," she explains.

Chung continues, "Having a segment that was close to five minutes ... if there were an interview with a Middle East leader, would we really get close to five minutes? I can't say that we would've."



She admits that the segment essentially amounted to a five-minute commercial for the toys, which in hindsight makes her self-conscious. "I'm so embarrassed by that interview," she shares.

Chung's full interview is featured in Billion Dollar Babies, which bowed at the Tribeca Film Festival in 2022. Per the logline, it follows the unbelievable true story about the Cabbage Patch Kids toy craze, which started "doll hospitals, cabbage 'births,' a four-year legal battle over the origin of the idea, and a billion-dollar toy brand that put the wheels of modern-day Black Friday shopping riots into motion."

The film is narrated and executive produced by Emmy- and Tony Award-winning actor Neil Patrick Harris, directed by Andrew Jenks (World of Jenks, What Really Happened?) and features the first interview with Cabbage Patch Kids creator Xavier Roberts in over 20 years, as well as interviews with Chung, toy expert Jonathan Alexandratos, and Joe and Pat Prosey, who have collected over 5,000 Cabbage Patch Kids.

Billion Dollar Babies is in theaters beginning Black Friday, Nov. 24.

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