Connor McDavid destined for Oilers greatness, Kevin Lowe says

In sports, memories are short. Today's best are breezily compared with the greats.

With storied players like Wayne Gretzky and Mark Messier who lifted the game above the ordinary, Oilers fans have witnessed greatness in the past.

But then comes along Connor McDavid, who will lead the Oilers Wednesday against the San Jose Sharks as the playoffs get underway.

"He's one of those few athletes that's worth the price of admission himself," Kevin Lowe, vice-chairman of Oilers Entertainment Group, said Tuesday on CBC's Edmonton AM.  

"I hear it from other hockey people throughout the National Hockey League who say they love watching our games because they love to watch Connor McDavid.

"His skating is superhuman; his hands and his puck handling. He's not small either. He's Mark Messier sized," Lowe said.

And there it is, the comparison between McDavid and the Oilers' greatest players.

'I see a lot of similarities'

"I see a lot of similarities," said Lowe, who played with the Oilers' best.

Gretzky and Messier were driven, he said.

"They were never satisfied with good. They always wanted better and best."

Lowe alluded to Gretzky's dismissal of personal success.

"He knew that his name would be up with the greats if he won Stanley Cups and not until then."

Lowe sees the same quality in McDavid.

"I can just see the way he plays the game; the way he's always trying to dial it up.

"He's had a great season. I don't believe for a minute he's finished with his season."

Winning the scoring title and putting himself in play for the most valuable player award won't be enough for McDavid, Lowe said.

"He's thinking he wants to win a Stanley Cup. He's believing he can win a Stanley Cup."