Construction gets underway on new Shaganappi Pump Station

Construction gets underway on new Shaganappi Pump Station
Construction gets underway on new Shaganappi Pump Station

Construction starts Monday on a new Shaganappi Pump Station to eventually replace the existing station, which is 40 years old and worn out according to a city official.

"The mechanical and electrical equipment is at the end of its life and can no longer be effectively maintained. For that reason we need to construct a new pump station to take its place," said Steven Dold, City of Calgary Leader of Project Engineering at Glenmore for Water Resources.

The new station will be located on the vacant land between the 'Park and Ride' lot and Montgomery View N.W.

Dold said there were economic and logistical reasons for building the new pump station near the old one.

"The new pump station is being constructed in close proximity to the existing one and it's largely because the existing transmission lines are very large and would be cost prohibitive to move," he said. "We need to be fairly close to the existing location and pump water from that point to various points throughout the city."

The current Shaganappi Pump Station is located adjacent to the medical examiner's office on Bowness Road, just south of the intersection with Shaganappi Trail.

Largest pump station in the system

Pump stations are the way drinking water moves around the city, Dold said.

"Our water is treated in our treatment plants and then pumped from there to various pump stations and reservoirs and serves the entire city of Calgary," he said.

"The Shaganappi Pump Station is the largest pump station in our distribution system. It serves over 200,000 people directly and is a very critical pump station in our network," said Dold.

The station also serves significant municipal institutions such as Foothills hospital and the University of Calgary, in addition to the general region west of the Bow River, up to Broadcast Hill and Strathcona.

Possible parking restrictions

While there will be some street parking disruptions in the area, Dold said they are working to minimize them.

"We understand the demand for parking in the area and the parking along the curve of Montgomery View along the roadway will no longer be possible during the construction period," he said. "But the contractor will not be competing for parking within the Edworthy Park parking lot or the Angels Cafe parking lot."

The cost of the new pump station in the range of $25 million, according to Dold. It's expected to open in May 2021.