Contractor? Get 60% off FreshBooks accounting software

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Image used with permission by copyright holder

Whether you’re a small business owner or a contractor, you need to keep on top of your finances and accounting. That’s where FreshBooks comes in offering a simple-to-use interface that will keep you well informed throughout the financial year. Right now, if you sign up today, you can enjoy 60% off for the first six months of your time with it. Plans start from just $8 per month depending on your needs. It’s a great deal for helping you become more organized with your business practices. Here’s what to expect from it.

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Why you should sign up for FreshBooks

Organizing your finances is often more complicated than it really should be. That’s why you need some of the best apps for small businesses with FreshBooks being an ideal example. The company offers easy-to-use accounting and bookkeeping features at a great price.

It’s possible to quickly create professional-looking invoices to impress your clients before hitting send. From there, you can use automated payment reminders to nudge clients due to delayed payments. It’s simple to track expenses too where you just need to snap photos of any relevant receipts or forward email receipts. Additionally, time tracking tools ensure you can monitor any billable time across your team or yourself. Similarly, project management makes it simple to collaborate together with the rest of your team.

As one of the best QuickBooks alternatives, FreshBooks keeps adding to what it can do. For instance, there are automated online payment options for your clients. Extensive reporting helps you track every dollar going in and out of your business while making it simple to hand the key details over to your accountant at tax time. An easy-to-use Double-Entry accounting tool further adds to how easy it is to always know what’s going on.

Sign up to FreshBooks and you can also monitor things on the move too so you’re always in control. It’s going to seriously impress you with how much peace of mind it gives you, leaving you in full control of your business.

Right now, you can sign up for FreshBooks and enjoy 60% off for the first six months. That means you could pay from just $8 per month for the first six months, depending on the plan you choose. The lite plan works with up to five clients with 50 clients available for $13 per month for the first six months. Premium users gain unlimited numbers of clients for $24 per month for the first six months. Check it out now before the deal ends soon. The comfort you’ll feel to be in control again is going to be great.

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