Contractors will sweep province for damaged trees, says Nova Scotia Power

Nova Scotia Power will be keeping on private contractors who were hired to help with hurricane cleanup.

They will sweep the province for damaged trees, says Karen Hutt, the utility's CEO.

Hutt said the move is to limit the number of trees that might be vulnerable to causing more damage in the next big storm. 

Andrew Vaughan/The Canadian Press

"[They will] help us get on top of that weakened tree state that we know we're dealing with," Hutt told CBC's Mainstreet on Thursday.

Keeping the contractors is a way to allow Nova Scotia Power crews to go back to regular duties.

"We have customer work that's waiting to be done and we want to get back to that," said Hutt. "But, in the meantime, we'll use those really valuable contract crews to help us get on top of it." 

There were just under 19,000 customers without power in Nova Scotia as of Thursday night.