Out-of-Control Truck Smashes State Trooper's Car on Ohio Turnpike

An Ohio State trooper’s cruiser was struck by an out-of-control truck as the officer assisted a motorist, dashcam video from the weekend shows.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol posted video of the Saturday, September 7, incident on the state turnpike to their Facebook page. The trooper, who was not identified, is initially seen helping a motorist who is having tire trouble.

Seconds before the incident, he turns to face the road, then makes broad gestures before leaping away from the road. He yells “watch out” just before the vehicle hits his cruiser and a piece of debris from the collision flies through the air.

Neither the trooper nor the motorist he was assisting were injured.

Sgt. Troy Homrighausen of the Ohio State Highway Patrol confirmed to Storyful that the crash occurred at around 11.16 am on September 7. The driver of the truck continued along the highway for some eight miles before law enforcement managed to pull her over. The truck driver told officers she had fallen asleep at the wheel and believed her vehicle had only struck a guardrail. Credit: Ohio State Highway Patrol via Storyful