Somalian Rapist Avoids Deportation Because ‘He Didn’t Know It Was Unacceptable Behaviour In Britain'


A convicted rapist who escaped being deported from Britain went on to attack two more women before he was re-arrested.

Somalian Dahir Ibrahim successfully challenged a deportation order and was told he was allowed to stay in Britain after his release from a 10-year jail sentence for rape.

However, the 31-year-old, who was originally convicted in 2005, went on to sexually assault and beat two more young women as they walked through Birmingham city centre.

The terrifying attacks took place just six weeks apart in September and October 2014.

Both women suffered injuries and were helped by passers-by who called police.

Ibrahim has now been sentenced to life in prison and must serve a minimum of ten years for the offences.

His lawyer argued that Ibrahim did not know that his behaviour was “unacceptable” in Britain after witnessing numerous atrocities in his home country.

After his arrest, Ibrahim denied any involvement in the attacks but officers uncovered distinctive clothing described by the women during a search of his home, including a belt with a square silver buckle, a dark body warmer and a woolly hat.


Guilty: Ibrahim was seen returning to the scene of the attacks (SWNS)

A complex forensic examination began and a sample of DNA taken from the first woman’s fingernails was linked directly to Ibrahim.

A knife fragment found by officers at the scene was also found to have DNA traces of both the woman and Ibrahim - the blade had broken off during the attack.

Further DNA matches were recovered from the second woman, where he had bitten her.

The victim also told officers how Ibrahim lost his glasses during the struggle, and CCTV was later recovered showing him returning to the scene apparently looking for something.

Analysis of clothing revealed fibres which matched Ibrahim’s woolly hat.

Damning CCTV showed Ibrahim wearing the hat and distinctive white soled trainers, also found at his address.

Detective Constable Gavin McGrath, from West Midlands Police’s Public Protection Unit, said: “The evidence against Ibrahim was indisputable and, in desperation, he tried to claim that it was a ‘fit up’, but a few days before he was due to stand trial changed his plea to guilty.

"I am pleased that he has spared these women the further ordeal of a trial and he will now be behind bars and no longer a danger to the public.”

Top pic: SWNS

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