Cornel West’s campaign manager says he’s leaving job

Presidential candidate Cornel West’s campaign manager said he has departed the team, a high-level shakeup for the Democrat-turned-independent’s insurgent bid.

Peter Daou, a progressive strategist and ally of West, announced on X, the website formerly known as Twitter, that he is experiencing “extreme stress” after working on two separate White House campaigns during the 2024 cycle and personal trauma from the Israel-Palestine tumult.

Daou previously worked for Marianne Williamson’s Democratic primary campaign against President Biden.

He cited experiencing ongoing emotional distress in the aftermath of Hamas’s attack on Israel, the still-unfolding conflict in Gaza and the administration’s response.

“I’m soul-tired of human violence and brutality. I’m soul-tired of the U.S. enabling and supporting it,” he wrote.

Daou also referenced his Lebanese upbringing as adding a personal element to the tragic situation on the ground.

“My PTSD from growing up in Beirut under constant bombardment is being triggered in a big way by this #genocide,” he wrote. “I’m going to take time off and pray on everything.”

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The left-wing campaign veteran has been critical of Biden and the nature of the United States’ two-party electoral system.

He stressed that his attitude toward West, who changed to an independent earlier this month, has not changed and that his challenge of the establishment class remains a worthy pursuit.

“Yes, I burnt out and need rest from the extreme stress of two campaigns in one cycle. All while dealing with family health challenges and PTSD from my childhood in a war zones,” he wrote on Friday.

“But my mission of challenging the duopoly continues. I left both campaigns (Williamson and West) in much better shape than when I joined, with their highest poll numbers, and their finances stable.”

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