Cornwall putting $1 million into new trails over the next budget year

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CORNWALL - The town is adding four new trails to its existing network so to improve connectivity across Cornwall.

The roughly $1 million investment was discussed by Cornwall council during a meeting to approve the town's 2021-22 operating and capital budgets on March 31. It doesn't include the almost $1.2 million being invested into completing the next stretch of Cornwall's active transportation trail along Main Street.

That project started last year and the goal is to eventually have it run all the way up to the Terry Fox Sports Complex, Mayor Minerva McCourt said.

The four new trails will run near the town's hall, through the Harvest Hills subdivision, and along Mercedes Drive and Jessie Street. Shelley Rector, the town's corporate services manager, said adding trails was a focus this year as more residents are wanting ways to be outdoors.

"Our goal is to have the whole town connected at some point," she said.

Cornwall is working toward one day having a sprawling trail network that would allow residents to access all the town's different sections.

"Some of our trails are in through the woods," Rector said. "And some of them will be asphalt."

Cornwall property tax and utility rates will remain unchanged - the former has been consistent for about seven years, while the latter hasn't changed for about four years, Rector said.

Cornwall is also investing about $3 million toward its ongoing wellfield development, which will see five new wellfields constructed to improve water pressure in anticipation of the town's continued population growth. Some existing wellfields will be decommissioned.

"We are trying to prepare for the future," McCourt said.

Other big expenditures include Cornwall's previously announced rental model that better enables local sports clubs to use town facilities, as well as a $20 activity credit for youth and 55-plus residents wanting to be involved in extra-curricular activities.

"Our citizens want to be active, we want to make sure we're doing our best to provide opportunity for that," Rector said.

A few additional electric vehicle chargers will be added across the town as well, and the town intends to conduct an affordable housing study.

Daniel Brown, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Guardian