Coronation Street hints at new victim for Joel Deering

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Coronation Street has hinted at a new victim for Joel Deering.

The sinister solicitor has been revealed as being responsible for Lauren Bolton's disappearance and presumed death, though Bethany Platt's abusive ex Nathan Curtis has been arrested for the crime.

Joel continues to fool those around him, having even recently proposed marriage to Dee-Dee Bailey as a means to further ingrain himself in Weatherfield.

However, the engaged couple have faced resistance from Joel's parents in the past so they've chosen not to tell them about their impending wedding for now.

During Friday's (June 21) episode on ITV1 and streaming service ITX, Joel admitted to Dee-Dee that he felt conflicted about lying to his parents.

dee dee and ed in coronation street

"I guess I better tell them soon now," Joel told Dee-Dee, with his bride-to-be promising: "I'll be right by your side when you do."

Joel tried to put Dee-Dee off, promising he'd sort the issue with his parents – and assuring her his mum and dad were just "hard work" rather than malicious.

Later, Ed Bailey suggested his daughter Dee-Dee should take the initiative and phone Joel's parents because "they deserve to know about the engagement".

"Sort out a meeting so you can smooth things over between them and Joel, then you can tell them the truth," he advised.

Dee-Dee wasn't sure about Ed's suggestion, as she worried Joel might be upset that she went behind his back. Ed suspected Joel would realise she was just trying to make him happy.

"If I'm going to have Christmas dinners with them for the next however-many years, it's time we learned to get on," Ed insisted.

Later, Joel spotted Sabrina Adetiba outside the police station looking glum. When she explained that her brother had been arrested, Joel offered to help her.

Joel handed her his business card, and then suggested Sabrina call him since there were other ways to pay for his services besides money. Sabrina's friend – a young blonde girl – arrived to pick her up while Joel was still hanging about.

a man in a suit and tie

After the two young women went back to the station, the camera lingered on Joel's face as his expression changed into a frightening gaze.

Once he arrived home, it was clear Joel was still thinking about Sabrina and her friend, but he quickly shook it off when Dee-Dee asked how his day had gone.

Joel soon asked who Dee-Dee had been speaking to on the phone when he walked in, though she cheekily replied: "We're allowed to have our secrets, darling."

As Dee-Dee walked away, the camera lingered on Joel's sinister smile. Has Joel found a new victim?

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