'Coronation Street' spoilers 16-20 March, 2020: A bad week ahead for Gemma

A generic photo of the Rovers Return, the pub in Coronation Street. (ITV)

It’s a busy week in Coronation Street next week as a familiar face returns to the cobbles on the ITV soap and one resident realises she needs to ask for help.

Here’s what’s happening in Weatherfield from Monday, 16 March.

Gemma puts the babies in danger

In her emotional state, Gemma fails to spot an oncoming car which screeches to a halt, narrowly missing the buggy. (ITV Plc)

Struggling new mum Gemma Winter (Dolly Rose Campbell) will get a horrible fright next week when she accidentally puts her quads in danger.

Gemma is heartbroken after overhearing stuck-up mums Imogen and Vanessa complaining about her during a boozy lunch.

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Upset, she grabs the buggy and heads out, but in her emotional state she fails to see and oncoming car. Luckily, the car grinds to a halt in time.

Will the close call finally make Gemma realise she needs some help?

Bernie’s back to help Gemma

Bernie casts her eye over the mess at No.5 and realises Gemma isn't coping. (ITV Plc)

Meanwhile, Gemma is stunned when her mum Bernie arrives back on the cobbles. After another sleepless night, Gemma opens the door to her mum, who bustles in.

When Bernie clocks the state of the house, she realises Gemma isn’t coping. Gemma insists that she’s fine, but Bernie is far from convinced.

Later Bernie begs her daughter to open up to her and accept that she needs some help. But Gemma remains adamant that everything is fine.

Ken discovers an old friend is living in Stillwaters

Having sabotaged Ken Barlow's [WILLIAM ROACHE] talk and suggesting they head to the bar, Norris Cole [MALCOLM HEBDEN] reveals that he and Freda moved into Stillwaters several weeks ago. (ITV Plc)

Ken is stunned when he gives a literary talk and former neighbour, Norris Cole, is one of the audience. Before long Norris sabotages Ken’s talk and suggests they head to the bar. He then reveals that he moved into Stillwaters with fiancee Freda a few weeks back.

Making sure that Freda is unable to lip-read what he’s saying, Norris confides in Ken that he can’t bear living in the retirement village and needs his help to escape.

Later Norris tells Ken that Freda has changed dramatically since moving to Stillwaters and he needs his help to convince her that it isn’t the place for them.

What will Ken do?

Alya tries to rescue Yasmeen from Geoff’s clutches

Determined to rescue her Gran from the clutches of Geoff, Alya grabs some of Yasmeen's clothes and starts stuffing them into a bag, (ITV Plc)

Alya takes drastic action when a valuer calls at Speed Dahl and reveals Yasmeen and Geoff are selling their share of the restaurant. She’s floored when Yasmeen reveals they’re moving to Cyprus and desperately tries to get her gran to see that Geoff is clearly abusing her, trying to keep her away from the people she loves.

Determined to save her gran, Alya hastily starts packing Yasmeen’s clothes into a bag. But they’re soon interrupted by Geoff.

He angrily demands to know where Yas thinks she’s going as Alya calls him out for being a control freak. Alya begs Yasmeen to leave Geoff and her abusive marriage - but will she agree?

Alya goes to the police

With Toyah Battersby [GEORGIA TAYLOR] by her side, Alya Nazir [SAIR KHAN] reports Geoff to the police, convinced he must have a history of abuse. (ITV Plc)

Determined to find out the truth about Geoff, Alya does some digging and is stunned to learn that he and a former girlfriend were charged with causing an affray.

Watching Geoff leave, she heads over and tells Yasmeen about his past and begs her not to move away with him. But when Geoff returns, Yas urges Alya to go.

With Toyah by her side, Alya decides to report Geoff’s controlling behaviour to the police. But when she reveals what she’s done to Yasmeen, her gran is furious and warns Alya not to make her choose between her and Geoff.

Coronation Street continues tomorrow night at 7.30pm on ITV.