Coronation Street's Rob Mallard explains potentially "career-ending" medical condition

Coronation Street star Rob Mallard has opened up about his potentially "career-ending" medical condition.

The actor, who plays Dan Osbourne on the ITV soap, has an essential tremor, which is a progressive neurological condition that causes shaking.

During a new interview with The Mirror, Mallard explained that his tremor - which he first noticed at the age of 14 - is getting progressively worse and he fears it could cut his time in Weatherfield short.

daniel osbourne, coronation street

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"In the last 10 years, it has become a lot more pronounced and if it follows that trajectory in my personal life, it’s going to be difficult and annoying. Professionally it could be career-ending," he said.

"It has been suggested that Coronation Street wrap it into the character, which I’m not averse to, but I’d rather not do that now. I don’t want it to pigeonhole me."

Mallard went on to share that his tremor now affects his hands, arms, neck and sometimes his voice, though he has come up with some techniques to help while he’s filming scenes for Corrie.

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"I will practise actions over and over again. Trying to break something down into smaller parts has been the easiest and best way to hide the tremor," he explained.

If he has to hold a pint, the actor said he’ll ask for one that is "two-thirds gone" as it minimises the chances of him spilling it.

"But if I come into the scene and order a pint, the chances are it’ll be up to the top. That’s when the issues start," he added.

The actor also revealed that people sometimes think he has been drinking when he shakes, though he has managed to overcome his "embarrassment" about his condition and is now working with the National Tremor Foundation to raise awareness.

For more on essential tremors and other neurological conditions, including information and support, please visit The Brain Charity.

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