Coronation Street's Stephen Reid caught acting suspiciously after Leo death news

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Stephen Reid has been caught acting suspiciously in Coronation Street following news about Leo Thompkins' death.

The serial killer could be on the verge of being caught out for his various murders following the body of his romantic rival Leo being found at the Baileys' construction site this week.

Wednesday's (September 20) episode started on a high note for Stephen when his girlfriend, Jenny Connor, invited him to move into the pub.

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However, Stephen's good mood wouldn't last long, as he soon found out the police were investigating the discovery of a dead body near where he'd dumped Leo's corpse.

Stephen tried to get some inside information from Ed about what the police were looking into and reeled when he was told the body was definitely a male.

Later, police officer Craig Tinker showed up at the pub to inform Jenny that the dead body was none other than her former boyfriend, Leo.

Jenny's first reaction was utter disbelief, as she reminded Stephen about Leo's father, Teddy, supposedly telling him Leo was alive and living in Canada.

Everyone's suspicion momentarily turned to Stephen, so he scrambled to make up an excuse that Teddy could have been lying about being with Leo. Viewers know Stephen also killed Teddy for discovering his secret.

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As Jenny broke down over her ex-boyfriend's murder, the killer's nemesis, Tim Metcalfe, relayed a story to Craig about Leo once punching Stephen for trying to make a move on Jenny.

Stephen was soon cornered into making an official statement at the police station, where he invented another lie where Leo had supposedly apologised to him for the confrontation.

He shifted the blame towards Teddy by claiming that although he personally had no hard feelings toward Leo, he knew the dead man had a troubled relationship with his father, and they'd even had a physical fight.

Stephen was eventually released and returned to the pub to comfort Jenny once again, but he slipped out once she'd gone to sleep.

todd boyce as stephen reid, coronation street

The killer returned to the scene of his second murder at the canal, where he poked around for signs of the box he'd stuffed Teddy's body in.

Stephen didn't know Tim had seen him leaving the pub and followed him to the canal, where he watched the serial killer's suspicious actions.

With Stephen's exit looming, will Tim bring him down?

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