COVID-19 in Canada: B.C.'s provincial health officer explains how COVID-19 is transmitted, Nova Scotia to conduct daily self-isolation checks for travellers

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    Hospital staff, and nursing homes staff and the residents throughout Ontario as well as all essential service employees should have been the first persons tested. An article published in the Globe & Mail on July 5, 2003 "Nursing aid unwittingly spread SARS" which is available for reading online details the circumstances in which this City of Toronto employee caught and spread the virus in Toronto. My mother was a resident at that location for 10 years and my greatest complaint being that the Province of Ontario has never given sufficient funding for the staff who are responsible for care of the totally helpless residents. Some years later after other issues concerning the residents were aired or printed in our local newspapers the Providence hired 100 new inspectors. It would have been a far wiser decision to hire health care staff to help the overburdened staff whose monthly wages would have been far less than that of the inspectors. My mother passed in 2013 and places no blame on present day officials in the City of Toronto nor Province of Ontario officials. However, you would think that common sense would have indicated testing for Covid-19 should begin where the outbreaks occur.
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    We all know that our home, our country Canada is considered one of the most developed countries in the world. It's one of the group of G7 countries. This is something we can be proud of. For those of us who travel frequently, you will understand what I mean when I say that Canadians are respected all around the world. You travel to any country, tell them you are Canadian, and you instantly feel the respect and awe they have for us. In many countries, they'd all like to immigrate to Canada,,the land of freedom, of riches, of great education, and no corruption.

    This winter I spent 2 months in Thailand, Laos, and Sri Lanka. Each of those countries are seen as developing or 3rd world countries. It's true, the standard of life is not the same as ours.

    Along comes the Coronavirus. I happened to be in Sri Lanka just as it was rampaging through China and the surrounding countries, including Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, and Hong Kong. On January 30 I flew to Chiangmai, Thailand where I was going to spend 2 weeks, before going south to the beaches.

    It was February 1st, I was going for an 8km run around the old city wall of Chiangmai,,,a route that I have run for years on previous visits. As I started my run, around the first corner and there were police and volunteer healthcare workers handing out Coronavirus kits to everyone (free). Kits contained masks, hand-sanitizer, tylenol pills, wipes, Vicks-inhalers, and of course Tiger Balm. These kind of proactive measures were there, in Thailand, the entire month I was there.

    The last week of my stay, if I left my hotel, it did not matter how many times a day I left, my temperature was checked when I returned, each and every time. The day I left for home I could not enter Bangkok Airport without being checked 3 times, first before I entered the airport building, then again at customs, and lastly at the gate before boarding. That was February 26. My transfer was in Hong Kong, where we were checked twice. As we disembarked we had to walk single file through an infra-red arch that checked us, and again we were checked at the gate, before boarding our flight to Toronto, Canada. None of the checkpoints bothered me. As a matter of fact, it made me feel secure. After a 14 hour flight we arrived in Toronto,,,and there was nothing. Nobody was wearing a mask, no questions were asked, no temperature was taken. We simply walked through customs,,,and there we were,,,300 passengers from Asia, with no one even caring if we carried the virus.

    Having said that, here are a few statistics as of Tuesday, April 21st.


    Land Area: 510,890
    Population: 69.9 million

    Total Covid-19 cases: 2826
    Recovered: 2352
    Deaths: 49


    Land Area: ? Area of Manitoba is bigger than Thailand: 649,950
    Population: 37.9 million

    Total Covid-19 cases: 40,190
    Recovered: 13,986
    Deaths: 1974

    Thailand has been aggressive. I came home to hear Trudeau say it daily, "We are ready, we are prepared". Yes, I voted for him at one time.

    I was home for over 5 weeks before they ever said,,,wear a mask. Even today I can not get tested to see if I carried the virus. And I was in Asia 2 months!
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    MPs around the world are taking huge pay cuts due to this situation. Just wondering when our MPs would voluntarily reduce their wages as they are not working now. (Not that they ever worked in normal circumstances!)
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    "Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said the federal government is working with provincial and territorial leaders on shared guidelines for reopening the economy. We need clear, coordinated efforts from coast to coast to coast, Trudeau said."
    I watched the PM update this morning , 27 April 2020, and as usual he displayed ZERO leadership qualities, talked a lot but said nothing and had no coordinated action. Despite his words above he deflected all questions with regard to re-opening the economy back to each province. If he was a proper leader he would get out of his hide out and coordinate a common front to present to Canadians so that we can all work toward the same goal. The only thing he has been doing and continue to do is giving away money which doe not require a brain but will eventually destroy this country.
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    The projections released by Ottawa today (April 9) have significant anomalies that cast serious doubt on the rigor applied in arriving at them. First of all, the 'no action' curve has the slowest initial rate of increase. I can think of nothing to support this. Logic dictates (to quote Mr. Spock) that the 'no action' scenario would have the highest rate of case increase right out of the gate. The other glaring discrepancy is that in all scenarios, the death rate is exactly the same at just over 1% of total cases. That suggests that our hospitals will cope with 80% of the population getting infected just as well as they will with 2 to 5% getting infected in a similar time frame. Again, this goes against logic. Our hospitals are managing for now, but they would not have the capacity to treat everyone that would be sick at the same time under the 'no action' scenario, and many would then die simply because the hospitals did not have the capacity to treat them.
    Interestingly, today's projections from Ottawa come with an different basic message that the U.S. authorities have been spinning. They have been saying flattening the curve will result in the same total number of cases, but the lowering of the peak will allow hospitals to treat more of those cases, resulting in far fewer total deaths. Ottawa is suggesting that flattening the curve will lower the total number of cases, but will not change the percentage of cases that end in death. I am confident that our physical distancing efforts are needed and will help. I just still have little confidence in any of the projections put out so far of what the ACTUAL impact will be.
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    In case you missed it yesterday, Justin Trudeau proposed a new law that would give the federal government the power to tax Canadians, without Parliament being able to have any say or exercise any scrutiny over the Prime Minister and his cabinet.

    Worse still, they propose to give themselves these powers until 2022! Why?!

    (You can read yesterday's post about the law here.)

    Today, Justin Trudeau has announced that the law will not include Part 2 - the ability for the government to raise taxes without approval by Parliament.

    Don't be fooled... this is only a minor change.

    The legislation still includes numerous other provisions that allow the government to make all sorts of decisions without oversight by our elected officials, including the ability to spend as much money as they want, on anything urgent (and of course they decide what is urgent!)

    In many ways, this feels like the classic trick that politicians always use where they propose something so obviously objectionable only to 'compromise' on what they wanted all along.

    Meanwhile, after the 'compromise' everyone relaxes and allows the remainder of the proposal to go ahead unscrutinized.

    We can't allow that to happen.

    Even with the removal of Part 2, this would still be an incredibly draconian and anti-democratic law, previously unimaginable in Canada.

    Of course, in these unusual times, certain accommodations should be made to ensure that our democracy is able to function without putting Members of Parliament, staff, and citizens at risk!

    But, these accommodations should not including suspending the Legislature entirely and ceding power to Cabinet for literally years.

    You can't maintain democracy by suspending it!

    Justin Trudeau and the minority Liberal government must immediately drop their plans to grab sweeping powers without Parliamentary approval until 2022!

    We've partnered with groups across the country to launch an urgent petition to stop this outrageous power grab.

    Groups in every province of Canada are sharing this petition and it has already received more than 8,000 signatures, even though we only launched it late last night.

    Please click here to add your name, and then pass it on to as many friends, family, and co-workers as you can.

    It's not too late to stop this!


    Project Confederation
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    Fiscally Thoughtful
    It is extremely concerning that the Prime Minister’s wife was permitted and/or went to the UK for a social event when there was evidence of or likelihood of community transmission. She must have had threat assessments done and still decided to go.

    Which brings me to my second point. Assuming someone did a threat assessment, perhaps a “the risk to Canadians is low” type of assessment, it looks like the risk was not as low as assessed.

    Which brings me to my third point. If the leader of our country and ultimate person where the COVID-19 response is led by (yes, the COVID-19 committee is led by the Deputy Prime Minister), is in self-isolation, what does it say about his preparedness and how does it reflect on how prepared we are as a country when it cannot even “protect” our prime minister and his family?

    It is time to take this seriously. Lots of people will need to be hospitalized if this becomes an outbreak in Canada. We need to take strong actions now. And the first strong action will need to be from the top. I think we need to listen carefully to what is stated in the Prime Minister’s Friday address to the nation. Somehow, I feel that it will be less than reassuring but we will see.

    Stay safe everyone. Try not to infect our elders or those with underlying health conditions. We all know at least one person in those categories, and that is who we are fighting for.
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    I still think Ms Tan is not fit for this job. I have been following her news press; at first when we were about to curb the disease, she said the risk is low, Canadians should not worry and should not even bother to wear masks. Later, she played like nothing until the issue become a concern in the USA that was when she said we should buy essentials and put at home, she told people to go buy toilet paper.
    Instead of putting in measures first by not let those who were in Wuhan from coming to Canada, she recommended to fly those people back to Canada; instead of keeping those who were on the cruiser ship quarantined until they were all cleared she asked to fly them together with health people on the same plane to Canada; instead of limiting contacts and travelers at the ports of entries she never gave any instructions on how to deal with people coming from infected areas. That was why we started getting people who came from Iran and Egypt who transmitted the disease to others and their families. Those who came from China she should not have allowed them to come to Canada because them the Chinese government was not allowing people to leave China, as they were in control much better than anyone else. Now our numbers are going up while the cases in China are going sharply down. I think she is not fit for this job and should be fired. In other countries if the PM or first lady is the one who get the disease, then the chief medical office should fired or be jailed for her incompetence. Its the same as if the PM is injured by a terrorist the Chief security office should lose his/her post.
    She has not put a team that came research about this disease while other countries have and they have analysed the disease to the fullest.
    She should have been giving information about the virus, how it is transmitted from person to person say:
    How long it can stay on open space (environment) - 3 hours ( if someone is sick and has been in the room he leaves that room the virus will still be there for 3 hours)
    If the virus is on a metal say iron, copper etc it can last for 3-4 days ( that is if I am infected and I touched the iron door handle how long the virus can be there) - 3 days,
    If the virus is on the plastic paper or non metal how long can it survive 2 - 3 days.
    So the virus if it is on different surfaces it can last for varying times. If the virus is in the air and someone is not wearing a mask it is easy to get infected.
    If the virus is on the objects say door handles, elevator buttons, bus or transit handles it can last even much longer.
    She should have told people to constantly wash their hands when they touch objects, wear masks and request for more masks, she should have instructed the city to disinfect public places, roads bus stations airports etc. I haven't seen any place in Canada where the municipal government is disinfecting places places like what China, Iran, USA or Italy is doing. All these instructions should have come from the Chief Medical Officer not from a simple person like me.
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    "When asked about closing Canada’s borders all together, she said the science has not pointed to that being the best solution to stop the chain of transmission of the virus". Yet would common sense not say it is the best next step? Containment is a good word. Less movement of infected people seems efficient. Most of the cases in Canada have recently been out of the country so a closed border would have been great prevention.
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    Meanwhile many thousands of not-so-swift Canadians and their families just flew out of Pearson and other Canadian airports late last week for 'March Break' in the midst of a pandemic, some even going to cruises, believe it or not. So will they he hightailing it back to Canada right away or risk being trapped in some southern holiday destination for weeks or even months? My travel benefits carrier has sent out urgent messages today saying that they will not cover anyone outside of Canada past March 23. You know that when times get tough the first to cite small print and then bail will be the insurance companies. They are the epitome of a 'fair-weather friend'. With timely, strong and strict travel bans, the Canadian government could have prevented a lot of this