Coronavirus: More than two-thirds of UK homeowners have decided not to move

Kalila Sangster
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Street in residential district with row houses in London, UK
Some 67% of Brits who considered selling have decided to stay put. Photo: Getty

More than two-thirds of UK homeowners who had been planning to move house before the coronavirus pandemic have decided not to, new research by home interiors specialists has found.

Some 67% of Brits who considered selling have decided to stay put with 38% saying they wanted to wait until the uncertainty of COVID-19 has subsided, according to the survey of over 2,300 homeowners, all of whom had owned and lived in their homes for three or more years.

Over a third (36%) cited the stability of the housing market as a reason for postponing their move.

Wales is the UK region where homeowners are staying put the longest, with people living in one home for an average of 13 years and 11 months.

The North East comes in second with Brits staying in their homes for 12 years and three months, followed by Scotland (11 years and five months), Yorkshire (10 years and eight months), and the North West (10 years).

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London has the least staying power, with homeowners in the capital moving homes every six years and 10 months on average.

Value for money was the biggest factor in why Brits stay in one place, with 61% saying this would influence them to stay in a home long-term.

Friends and family living nearby encourages 54% to stay in the same house, above job opportunities (40%), good schools (39%), and desirable neighbourhood (33%).

The biggest reason for moving home was the house being too big or too small, with 39% of respondents wanting to move because of the size of their home.

Second on the list was wanting to move a little further away from the centre of the town (21%), followed by being able to get more for your money by moving home (20%).

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