Coronavirus: Peter Andre and wife sleeping in separate rooms

Albertina Lloyd
Entertainment reporter, Yahoo UK
Peter Andre and wife Emily MacDonagh have to stay in separate rooms as she is a doctor. (AP)

Peter Andre has admitted he is struggling with self-isolation as his doctor wife Emily MacDonagh can’t be in the same room as him.

The singer and TV star is in lockdown with his children Junior, 14, Princess, 12, Millie, six and Theo, three, but wife MacDonagh is going out to work on the frontline amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Andre, 47, told Good Morning Britain: “Emily, along with all the NHS staff and carers are now exposed to something... when they come home, their exposure means that we’ve got to be careful, they’ve got to be careful, obviously, so we have to have some sort of distance, because we don’t want the kids to catch it, so it’s a little bit difficult times.

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He added: “Because she’s exposed to the virus quite a lot at the moment in the last few days, it means now at home .. we’re having to… it’s weird to say, but we’re having to be in separate rooms and the reason for that is because I’m the one who has to have the kids now and so if I’m exposed to it as well… I’m just scared the kids are going to get it.”

Peter Andre admitted he is finding social distancing from his own wife difficult. (ITV)

The Mysterious Girl singer also confessed he was struggling to keep structure in the day while homeschooling his older children Junior and Princess - from his first marriage to Katie Price - while also caring for his younger kids.

He said: “My appreciation for teachers has gone way, way high. It’s nothing compared to what Emily’s doing and NHS staff and carers up and down the country. What I’m doing is absolutely nothing to that, but it’s got its own challenges because I’m not used to it. I’m used to having the kids around, but I’m not used to the homework side of it. The kids are starting to realise that I’m not as smart as I thought I was!”

Andre added that MacDonagh his “my absolute hero” for her work as a doctor, but he does worry about her safety.

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He said: “Yeah, honestly I do [worry for her]. Maybe they just weren’t prepared for this... it’s obvious because you can see the protective gear they’re wearing is just a paper mask which is not going to be that protective.”

Andre and MacDonagh began dating in 2012 when she was a medical student. They married in 2015.