Coronavirus tier map: Which areas are in Tier 3 lockdown?

Chris Baynes and Conrad Duncan
·1 min read
 (Datawrapper/The Independent)
(Datawrapper/The Independent)

Millions of people across England are now living under the toughest coronavirus restrictions in response to rising infection rates and hospital admissions.

Since 12 October, the government has divided the country into three Covid-19 alert levels: medium, also known as tier 1; high, also known as tier 2; or very high risk, referred to as tier 3.

Greater Manchester, South Yorkshire, Merseyside and Nottinghamshire are currently under the toughest tier 3 restrictions, which include stricter rules on household mixing and the closure of pubs which do not serve food.

West Yorkshire is set to become the latest area to move to the highest tier, when new rules come into effect on Monday.

Under the latest changes, Kingston-upon-Hull, Oxford and other areas in the North and Midlands will also move into the tier 2 high alert level on Saturday morning.

Every area of England which is not rated high or very high is categorised as medium risk, which means they are under the baseline coronavirus restrictions announced by Boris Johnson in September.

The three-tier system is only in force in England and has not been adopted by Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Check the map below to find out which tier of restrictions your local area is under, as of Saturday 31 October: