Corrie confirms Max Turner's sentence as he faces court

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Max Turner will get his sentence in upcoming Coronation Street scenes.

Max, played by Paddy Bever, is due to attend court after pleading guilty to encouraging terrorism.

Previously, Blake blamed his violent rampage at Speed Daal — where he stabbed Alya Nazir and nearly injured councillor Maria Connor over her commitment to helping refugees — on Max's racist videos.

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In a new episode, it will be revealed that Alya hasn't submitted a personal victim statement yet. Yasmeen and Zeedan both try to encourage her, but she demands that they leave her alone.

Max's barrister Kim then says that Alya's decision not to file a statement following the attack could help his case, and may lead to a shorter sentence.

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As Max is led into the courtroom, his father David, as well as Spider, Gary and Daryan, attend the hearing. The judge hands Max a six-month sentence for his crime.

When David promises Max he will visit him at the secure training centre as often as he can, he makes it clear he doesn't want to see anyone while serving his sentence.

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But it looks as though Max will need a friend as he's serving time. At the secure training centre, a group of boys make it clear to him that they intend to make his life hell.

This is the latest development in Max's radicalisation storyline. Last year, racist Griff Reynolds and his gang groomed the teen, praising him for his filmmaking skills while brainwashing him with their vile views.

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Initially fascinated by Griff, Max had a change of heart when he realised the group leader and his associates intended to set off a bomb at the local peace market.

Max tipped off the neighbours and the police with his girlfriend Lauren, ultimately contributing to putting Griff behind bars.

If you're concerned about someone who's expressing extremist or hateful views then ACT Early has further information. If you've seen or heard something that could potentially be related to terrorism, then report via or call 0800 789 321.

If you've been affected by racism and racist hate crime, then organisations including the Equality and Advisory Support Service (EASS), the Monitoring Group, Stand Against Racism and Inequality (SARI) and Stop Hate UK are among those which can offer help and support.

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